Bee Here Now Farm LLC., located in Wadsworth, NV, is a grower and purveyor of fine vegetables and herbs using only sustainable and environmentally ethical practices. Find our produce through DROPP, at local restaurants listed below, and the Great Basin Community Food Coop. We are now off for the winter. See you next year!

Current News


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Year 2 on the new land is coming up and we are working with the NRCS to expand. Check back here for volunteer opportunities in hoophouse building, farmscale hugelkultur, orchard flood irrigation and more permaculture techniques.


community outlets


Restaurants & Food Trucks

We provide quality vegetables to local restaurants & food trucks. Our produce can be found at the Great Basin Community Food Coop, Campo Sparks, Campo Reno and the DeLuxe among other locations. 

Custom growing services for targeted dishes is available.  We grow fresh salad mixes, braising mixes and baby root vegetables popular with restaurants. Contact us today!


Find Our Products

You can find our produce at the following locations:

The Deluxe (West St. Market, Reno, NV)

The Pizza Collective(West St. Market, Reno, NV)

Great Basin Community Food Coop (Reno, NV)

D.R.O.P.P. (Distributors of Regional & Organic Produce & Products, Reno, NV)

Campo - Reno, NV

Campo - Sparks, NV

Homegrown Gastropub



Contact Us

Questions about how to get our produce?

We are always looking for new outlets to get our produce to the people.  Are you a restaurant owner, grocer, caterer looking for custom grown crops? Please let us know what particular produce you might be looking for along with quantity, price, ratio.

You can use the form below or contact us directly at: info@beeherenowfarm.com

We Would Love to Hear From You!


About US

Bee Here Now Farm LLC. was started January 2017.   In an effort to improve our local food supply, farmers Nick Hill and Christine Rosakranse use high rotation, old and new organic & sustainable farming techniques to grow high quality salad greens, herbs, squash, and root crops.  Our farm is a place of unity, peace and freedom with good intentions and well being infusing everything we grow.  Nourish your body, nourish your soul.